affiliate marketing
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for your e-commerce store

goadgo allows influencers to make sales by discovering and sharing brands' products so that brands can showcase their products and increase their sales.

Interested in becoming an influencer Interested in becoming an influencer?
Experience affilate marketing for your e-commerce store

Increase your brand awareness
boost your sales traffic and build brand trust

Thanks to our mobile applications, influencers can discover your products, share them with their followers and boost your sales.

Let your brand increase its value and awareness by establishing a strong interaction with your customers.

Easily manage your affiliate marketing processes and sales reports from a single panel.

Discover the easy and effortless way to affiliate!

Shopify integration allows merchants and creators to have a complete in-app experience, promote and sell their products for purchase.

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Enjoy affiliating in 3 steps!

It allows influencers to discover brands through a complete in-app experience.


Create collection

Create a collection from the products of the brand you want.


Share on social media

Share the collections you create on your social media accounts.


Start earning

Receive a commission for each product you promote and sell.

Discover affiliate marketing with goadgo!

goadgo allows the influencer community to showcase and sell products for brands to discover their products and boost their sales.

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Set your own commission rates for each category with our transparent dashboard.
Let influencers view your products on iOS and Android applications with easy integration.
Instantly view your reports and details of every sale made.
Let us manage your influencer payment processes through shopify.
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Integrate via Shopify, let influencers discover your products, share them with their followers and boost your sales thanks to our mobile application!


What do goadgo users thinks?

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As someone who makes money especially with the Shopify Dropshipping business model, I must say that the goadgo application has become one of the top 5 applications I constantly use.

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I can manage my influencer and affiliate marketing processes without any problems and I can safely say that it is the most useful affiliate marketing application to feed the meta pixel in sales.

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It's great that there is no usage fee and it works smoothly. When I spoke to the company's support team, they said they saw very detailed data in the "reports" section.

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