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goadgo enables influencers to earn money from every sale they make by discovering and sharing brands' products.

Empower your marketing strategy with real-time sales insights via our robust reporting system

4 advantages of affiliate with goadgo

Thanks to a completely in-app experience, you don't need to search for brands, which means more engagement and profits.

Take advantage of the brand ecosystem

You can take advantage of goadgo's brand ecosystem to boost your earnings, so you can start affiliate marketing without having to search for a brand.
By exploring brands' commission rates, you can instantly see how much you will earn from each sale.
You can earn higher profits by working with brands that have competitive commission rates.

Start earning with affiliate marketing today!

You can work with brands without brand contracts, meetings and approval processes, and start affiliate marketing by sharing the affiliate links you create with your audinces.
Thanks to our mobile application, you can discover brands and start earning.
With its fast and easy interface, you can connect with the right brands faster than ever.

Create collection

You can earn money by choosing the brand you want from a wide range of brands, creating your own collections and sharing them with your audinces.
You can also create single product or direct brand links, so you can easily continue your affiliate processes without being limited to a single type of affiliate link.

Experience the difference with robust reporting and payment security

You can review the total earnings you have earned through the links you share by brand and category, and view sales details on a daily, weekly or monthly basis.
You can secure payment of your earnings without being involved in payment processes with brands.
Seamlessly integrate your bank account with goadgo Wallet and transfer your earnings instantly.

Enjoy affiliating in 3 steps!

It allows influencers to discover brands through a complete in-app experience.


Create collection

Create a collection from the products of the brand you want.


Share on social media

Share the collections you create on your social media accounts.


Start earning

Receive a commission for each product you promote and sell.

Become part of the goadgo influencer community

To become a member of our application specifically designed for influencers, you will need a referal code from your brand or influencer network. In this way, you can easily become a member of a reliable environment and start earning. After becoming a member, you can invite your friends with 3 reference codes assigned to your account.

What do goadgo users thinks?

Testimonials Bernice icon

Bernice L

Thanks to goadgo, I can carry out affiliate marketing processes effortlessly. It helps influencers like me increase their earnings and success.

Testimonials Owen icon

Owen W.

Since I started using goadgo, affiliate marketing has become much easier and more enjoyable. With its easy-to-use interface, wide range of brands and detailed reporting system, goadgo meets the needs of every influencer.

Testimonials Maeva icon

Maeva D.

goadgo was really profitable for me! I can introduce my own follower base to valuable products, and in this way, I offer solutions to their needs and earn income. A great win-win situation!

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